About Us
About Us

Our Story

LifeMap tried to answer the following questions:-

  • What if you could learn any subject, anywhere, on any device?
  • What if that learning system was person centered and guided?
  • What if a new business model could make it radically affordable?
  • What if learners get multiple continuous professional development short courses?

From this initial vision, our founders set out to build a new kind of Higher Education System. The team began by inventing a ground-breaking instructional method, then applying it in the creation of our state-of-the-art platform that can enable both online and offline course instruction, fully Supportive of individual students.

LifeMap is proud to be accredited by HERQA to offer two radically affordable degree programs – the Accounting & Finance and the Management and Multiple Short Professional Development Courses to ambitious students. Postgraduate Programs will be commencing soon! It’s an exciting road ahead. We hope you’ll be part of the journey.


The mission of LifeMap institute is to offer the most innovative, highest-quality, online education programs that are directly connected to positive career outcomes. We are dedicated to Support the students in their decision to their future and equip them with continuous professional development skills.


LifeMap seeks to reinvent higher education and training system for the 21st century, serving as a template for a new kind of school: leveraging technological innovation and a keen understanding of the students convenience and support system to deliver best-in-class learning experiences and career outcomes for our students.


LifeMap will be keeping the following values in mind in all of our activities:-

  • Innovation
  • Student support
  • Integrity
  • Academic Excellence
  • Partnership

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